About Us

What is so good about CAI Financial Fort Mcmurray team?

Fort Mcmurray payday loan

C.A.I. Financial Fort Mcmurray accepts:

1. good credit

2. bad credit

3. even no credit

C.A.I. Financial Fort Mcmurray approves just about anyone that has the proper collateral.

If you have any type of motor vehicle or real estate property like a house or land then you are just about guaranteed to be approved with us!

Wait, not just that!

1. We don’t do credit checks.

2. We don’t do employment checks.

3. We guarantee to have the lowest interest rate than anyone in this lending concept.

4. We don’t have early payout penalties.

5. We have instant approval.

6.  We can have the funds available to you in 15 minutes.

7. You have the freedom to pay back when you want.

8. We do not use the unfair black book value.

You can borrow up to $25,000.00 with no hassle.

We are professional. We are respectful.

Fort mcmurray payday loans

No small prints, no hidden fees, just accurate financial help.


Awarded Best Customer Relations Award 2 Years in a row

Ask how we do everything for you. Call 780-715-4920


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